Know your representatives

Recently I learned how to access in one place information I used to struggle through multiple web searches to find: the names, district numbers and contact information of my elected officials across all levels of government.

It’s available through the Collier Supervisor of Elections website, but it’s not very easy to find. Here’s how:

Go to and enter your last name, your birth date and your house number:
After you click “Submit,” a web page like the one below will open. The light-blue box at the top contains your voter registration and sample ballot information. While you’re there, make sure everything is correct, or click where indicated to make changes.

In the middle of the box, click “Office Holders.”

your voter registration and sample ballot information

A web page like the one below will open. It will list the elected officials whose districts contain your street address:

the office holders that represent you

If you click an office holder’s name, you will be taken to her/his website.

Take a few minutes and check this out! It’s a great way to find out or confirm who represents you.

Every person listed is your representative. Know who they are so you can hold them accountable. Let your voice be heard.

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