Sandy Parker
Sandy Parker

Sparker’s Soapbox is a nonpartisan blog, website, and newsletter founded and written by me, Sandy Parker. Its mission is “facilitating and encouraging informed voting in Collier County and throughout Florida.”

I write about Florida and Collier County government topics of interest and summarize government actions and activities voters should be aware of.

In the weeks and months before elections, I research most state and local candidates and issues on Collier voters’ ballots and share what I learn. While my focus is Collier County, some of my research on state legislative and judicial races and the amendments is relevant to all Florida voters.

Sparker’s Soapbox readers are more informed voters!

Sandy produces a regular and thorough, unbiased wrap-up of important local government stories, election previews, state legislation and proposals, and controversial local and state issues. My only regret is that too many local citizens are not subscribing to and reading Sparker’s Soapbox. Informed citizens are crucial to good government.

Alan M. Horton

March 2, 2022

“I have great admiration and appreciation for the time and effort that Sandy puts into her newsletter along with frequent updates on current political activities and events.  I can make a more informed decision at the ballot box thanks to her dedication in reporting what’s being considered and what action is being taken in our city, county, and state government.”

Wayne Mullican

February 27, 2022

As local news coverage shrivels, Sparker’s Soapbox fills the void with expert, adroit, balanced syntheses of public policies. Sandy Parker’s distinguished leadership greatly contributes to our community’s awareness. Her energetic, indefatigable reportage is widely recognized for its distinctive excellence.

Mike Reagen

February 28, 2022

“As a new resident of Naples, a recent transplant from Chicago, I find in Sparker’s Soapbox the information and guidance I need to help make up my mind about the political issues that concern my community. Gracias, Sandy!”

Olga Vilella

February 27, 2022

“Sandy Parker has the knowledge but also the skill to transmit the information in an objective way with no political leanings; a rarity to find in Collier County.”

Tim Diegel

February 27, 2022

“If you want to be a well-informed citizen and voter, this is where to go. It’s especially helpful for new Florida residents who want to get up to speed quickly.”

Dick Woodbridge

February 28, 2022

About Sandy Parker

After moving to Florida from New Jersey in 2003, Sandy rediscovered a long-dormant interest in government and politics. Her first vote as a Floridian was in the presidential election that followed Bush v. Gore. All eyes were on Florida’s elections then, and it has remained so ever since.

Sandy spent the next several years learning about her new home’s local and state governments as an active member of the League of Women Voters of Collier County, and in 2008, she led a statewide project to revise Our Florida Government, which served at the time as a “compact and factual presentation of the basic structure and operation of Florida government” published by the Florida LWV. She also volunteered on political campaigns. 

In 2010, she began writing Sparker’s Soapbox as a way to share her ongoing research to become a more informed voter. She wrote at the time, “… the outcome of the upcoming elections … will set the direction of our future in irreversible ways that we can’t even begin to imagine.”  

That belief continues to motivate Sandy today, and she is passionate in her conviction that the more informed voters are, the better our government will be. 

In addition to Sparker’s Soapbox, Sandy is known for her involvement with the League of Women Voters and for presentations about state and local government to community groups, continuing care retirement communities, and adult education programs.

In her earlier life, Sandy held executive positions in accounting, investor relations, and corporate finance, retiring as Vice President – Treasury and Investor Relations with the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. She received a BA with highest honors and honors in American Studies from Douglass College at Rutgers University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and she has an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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