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Conservation Collier and the 2024 County Budget

Conservation Collier

Collier Commissioners want to reduce taxes and the county budget. Heading into the final budget hearing on Thursday, the Conservation Collier Land Acquisition Program is their primary target.

The Collier County School Board

Collier County School Board

In Florida, each county in the state constitutes a school district. Each school district is governed by a school board comprised of at least five members who serve staggered terms of four years.

Sanctuary County Ordinance Passes 4 to 1

Collier County Sanctuary County Ordinance Passes

Yesterday afternoon, the Collier County Board of County Commissioners passed a Bill of Rights Sanctuary County ordinance by a vote of 4 to 1.

BCC to Consider Sanctuary County Ordinance

Proposed Collier County Sanctuary County Ordinance

The Bill of Rights Sanctuary County Ordinance proposed by Commissioner Chris Hall is on Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting agenda as Agenda Item 9.A.

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