Don’t take chances! Check your ballot status

A friend just emailed to ask if I was familiar with the website “” She said, “It claims to be a nonpartisan vehicle for encouraging voters and offers a link to check on your absentee ballot. Is it legit??”

My friend was right to be suspicious. Don’t take any chances by clicking on links to unknown websites – especially one purporting to want to protect your vote.

Instead – Confirm that your ballot has been received directly with your Supervisor of Elections office.

If you’re a Collier County voter, go to Here’s what you will see:

Enter your last name, birth date and the house number of your residence address, and click Submit.

On the page that will then appear, you should see a recap of the information the Supervisor of Elections has on file for you: name, voter registration system ID, birth date, address, party affiliation, and voter status.

Below that, under “Future Elections,” you should see information about the current 2016 General Election. This is what I see, highlighted in yellow, confirming that I “submitted a mail ballot:”

When I click on the grey “Show My Mail Ballot Information” button, a window opens where I can see the address to which a ballot was sent to me (“Ballot 1 destination”), the date it was sent (October 4), and the date my returned ballot was received by the Supervisor of Elections office (October 28):

Presumably if I had not requested a mail ballot, or if it had not been received, it would show that – in which case I would have an opportunity to do something about it before Tuesday: either vote on the last day of Early Voting (Saturday, 11/5) or vote in person on Tuesday, 11/8, Election Day at my precinct, the address of which is shown right there on the page.

If you have any questions at all, please call the Supervisor of Elections Office at 239–252-VOTE (239–252–8683).

This election is too important to take anything for granted. Please check the status of your ballot NOW!

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