Don’t have any regrets

From First Read from MSNBC today: 

According to brand-new NBC/WSJ/Marist polls, Obama and Romney are deadlocked at 48% among likely voters in Colorado, while Obama holds a narrow three-point lead in Nevada, 50%-47%.  

Among the broader sample of registered voters, Obama is up by one in Colorado, 48%-47%, and he leads by six in Nevada, 51%-45%.

And what’s going on in Colorado could signal what happens in Florida and Virginia.

Notice that Obama holds a greater lead among registered voters than among likely voters. That’s why get out the vote is so important. 

If we can get some of those supporters who were counted as unlikely voters to actually go to the polls, we can win this thing!  

That’s why I’ll be spending every waking hour of the day from now until Election Day to get out the vote in my little portion of Florida.

Don’t have any regrets. If you were to wake up on November 7 facing four years of a Romney presidency, you would wish you had made the time to volunteer. Go to and sign up for a volunteer shift near you.
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