It’s what each one of us can do

Pundits say we will win Florida ONLY IF we get our supporters to the polls.

An article in Monday’s paper put it this way:

“To date, conventional wisdom has been that the turnout race will swing toward the Republicans, that the GOP is fired up about replacing Obama, that Democrats lack the same infectious enthusiasm they had in 2008. But many also are disenchanted by political bickering, contemplating whether to stay home next month out of sheer frustration. Others are angered by new voting laws that, depending on your view, either sniff out voter fraud or disenfranchise minority and poor voters. And some feel hopeless, as if neither candidate can help pull them out of joblessness or poverty. 

“Taken together, those who vote — and those who don’t — will help direct the future of our country, deciding whether Florida turns red or blue in 2012.”

There’s nothing more important than knocking those doors and making those calls, because it’s a proven fact that personal contact – especially with those who are undecided or sporadic voters – DOES make a difference.

If each of us makes a difference with just ONE voter, together we could swing the state.

Have you completed a volunteer shift yet? Are you ready to help us get out the vote? Have you visited or signed up with your local Neighborhood Team on Dashboard?

If you have – thank you! If not, what can I do or say to get you in? Seriously – we need you!

If you live in North Naples, please sign up and attend one of our two Get-Out-the-Vote Training Sessions for volunteers this Sunday.

  • 10AM-12PM – North Naples East Training – Click here
  • 2PM-4PM –      North Naples Training – Click here

If you live anywhere else in the COUNTRY, find an event near you at

Learn what you need to know to be the most effective and productive volunteer you can be in the less-than-three-weeks that remain until Election Day.

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