Dear Soapbox blog readers …

Please don’t think I’ve forgotten you; I haven’t. Having urged you to change your party affiliation so you can vote in Florida’s March 15 Republican Presidential Primary, it weighs heavily on me that I owe you a post about how I will vote. 

My mail-in ballot sits on my desk, waiting to be filled out. 

The problem is, I fear that the only meaningful choices in this winner-take-all Republican primary are Trump and Rubio. (Yes, Trump, despite what I said earlier.) 

And choosing between them requires me to put aside my values and idealism, and make a purely calculated, political bet. 

The Moment of Truth: We Must Stop Trump, by Danielle Allen, a Harvard University political theorist, describes of one possible approach I’m considering.

Unlike past elections, when I’ve urged early voting, this time I think waiting until the last minute may be the better strategy. A key factor in my ultimate decision will be who the likely top two vote-getters in our Florida primary will be. And a lot can still happen between now and March 15.

I will continue to struggle with my decision, possibly until the last minute, and will let you know how I’m thinking as soon as I’m comfortable sharing it. Thanks for your patience.

Meanwhile, if you’ve decided who YOU are going to vote for in the Republican PPP, please let me know your thought-process and rationale.

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