Collier GOP Rebuts NDN “Hit Piece,” Requests Retraction

Collier GOP Rebuts NDN “Hit Piece,” Requests Retraction

After the Naples Daily News (NDN) published an article that Collier County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Frank Schwerin called a “hit piece” about School Board candidate Timothy Moshier, he sent a “Time-Sensitive/Voter Alert” email to “many thousands of Republicans.”

“Timothy Moshier … will not allow last-minute and despicable assaults on his character by the NDN and leftists to defeat him,” Schwerin wrote. “His legal team has notified the NDN that their reporting about his alleged indifference to bigotry is ‘not only absurd, but false and defamatory.’ They demand a retraction and an apology.”

A reader sent me a copy of Schwerin’s email yesterday. She wrote, “As you were quick to point out what was in the Naples Daily News, I hope you point out this development. I would not expect you to push the GOP position, but I would think you should report the request for retraction.” Another reader also shared Schwerin’s email with me. She wrote, “I am disappointed that you [shared] the article about Tim Moshier, but have not presented the other side. Now I’m confused as to the truth. I thought that your site was informative, but not bias.” (sic)

Consistent with my policy to only share reputably sourced, online information, I asked to have Mr. Schwerin send me an online link to the email, so I could share it with readers, and I received it today.

As to what is “the truth” — that’s for voters to decide.

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