A Proposed Health Freedom Bill of Rights Ordinance

A Proposed Health Freedom Bill of Rights Ordinance

A proposed Collier County Health Freedom Bill of Rights Ordinance and a proposed Collier County Health Care Freedom Resolution are on the agenda for Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting at the request of Commissioner Chris Hall. (Agenda Item 10.A.)

Commissioners will be asked to:

  • vote on whether or not to direct the County Attorney to advertise and bring back the Ordinance for a public hearing, and
  • vote on whether or not to adopt the Collier County Health Freedom Resolution.
2023 Collier Board of County Commissioners
2023 Collier Board of County Commissioners

The Ordinance

The stated purpose of the Ordinance is “to safeguard the healthcare rights and freedoms of Collier County residents.”

In part, the Ordinance says:

  • WHEREAS, numerous County residents have expressed their concerns to the Board of County Commissioners (“Board”) over the federal government’s and the World Health Organization’s attempts to impose public health mandates and limit an individual’s healthcare freedoms and rights …
  • WHEREAS, our federal and state health agencies have demonstrated a clear inability to be truthful, transparent and consistent in protecting the citizens of Collier County …
  • WHEREAS, constitutional rights of Collier County citizens were violated through discrimination based on vaccine status …
  • WHEREAS, our United States and Florida State Constitution is no longer being upheld and as a result Collier County citizens are being harmed …

It goes on to prohibit:

  • COVID-19 vaccine documentation,
  • private employer COVID-19 vaccine mandates,
  • unless required by law, all vaccine mandates for Collier County employees without a unanimous vote by the Board,
  • unless required by law, mask mandates of quarantine orders without a unanimous vote by the Board

And it goes on…

Read the proposed ordinance here.

The Resolution

The stated purpose of the Resolution is “to create a broader expression of the Board’s position on these matters, which are not suitable for an ordinance.”

In part, the Resolution says:

  • No State or Federal executive order can override the rights provided in our State and Federal Constitution….
  • Human rights are given to us by God and these rights are protected by the U.S. and Florida State Constitution….
  • It is unlawful to force quarantine on any Collier County Citizen without a judicial remedy in a court of law in front of a jury of your peers….

And it goes on to “resolve” several other “rights.”

Read the proposed resolution here.

Let your voice be heard

Let the commissioners know how you feel about both these upcoming votes by attending Tuesday’s meeting in person or by contacting them by email and by phone:

Collier County Commissioners

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