Word of the Week: TRIM Notice

A TRIM Notice is something that property owners receive from the county’s Property Appraiser each August. It says what next year’s property taxes would be if the County Commission adopts what it’s currently proposing for the tax rate.

When you receive your TRIM Notice, you should immediately review it to see if your taxes would go up, down or stay the same. That’s a function of both the Appraiser’s “assessed value” of your property and the Commission’s proposed tax (“millage”) rate, both of which are on the Notice.

If you disagree with the assessed value of your property, you have about a month from receipt of the Notice to appeal it. If you have a problem with the proposed millage rate, you can participate in your government by letting your Commissioner know before the final Commisison vote.

What does TRIM stand for, and why did I choose it as my first Word of the Week? Find the answers in my latest Sparker’s Soapbox post.

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