Textbook review policy could be decided tonight!

Based on today’s Naples Daily News front page article “Textbook issues will be front and center at School Board meeting,” tonight may be the last time the public can weigh in on Policy 2520 Instructional Materials and Resources before the School Board votes on the policy.

See my post titled Tuesday for more information.

If you haven’t let the Board know your thoughts on how textbooks should be chosen in Collier County, now’s the time! Email Board members as soon as possible so they will have time to read and consider your input.

School Board Chair Kathleen Curatolo – curatoka@collierschools.com
School Board Member Erika Donalds – donale@collierschools.com
School Board Member Kelly Lichter – lichteke@collierschools.com
School Board Vice-Chair Julie Sprague – spraguju@collierschools.com
School Board Member Roy Terry – terryro@collierschools.com

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