Proposed Sanctuary County Ordinance Fails on 2-3 Vote

Collier County Sanctuary County ordinance fails

Collier County’s Board of County Commissioners rejected a proposed Bill of Rights Sanctuary County Ordinance by a vote of 2-3 last night, after almost seven hours of public comment and Board discussion. For background, see my July 10 post explaining the ordinance and related context here.

More than 125 people registered to speak on the matter, both via Zoom and in person. 

Voting for the ordinance were Collier County Commissioners Rick LoCastro and Bill McDaniel; voting against it were Commissioners Burt Saunders and Andy Solis and Commission Chairperson Penny Taylor.

Naples Daily News county government reporter Jake Allen published Collier Commission rejects Bill of Rights sanctuary county law, opts for resolution on at 8:18 p.m., for which I am personally grateful.

Based on his reporting and my own observations of the meeting, the commissioners who opposed the ordinance did so for reasons that included “not needed,” “confusing,” “vague,” and “makes no sense.” They also spoke of unintended consequences.

BCC consider Sanctuary County ordinance

“We are a country of laws,” Solis said, before voting against the ordinance. “If there is a federal regulation that comes down that myself or any of the commissioners think is unconstitutional, we have the ability to challenge it in court. That’s the process that this country is founded on.”

Following the vote, Taylor proposed a resolution “reaffirming the Board’s support and adherence to the Constitution of the United States of America, the Bill of Rights and the laws of the United States.” Read it here.

After a brief discussion, that resolution passed unanimously.

Today, Sheriff Kevin Rambosk issued a statement about the Board’s decision. “While the Bill of Rights Sanctuary ordinance that I supported did not pass,” he said, “I believe that most of the sentiments and opinions expressed by both sides of the issue show that we are indeed more united than divided and that we all are concerned about the future of our country and are passionate about our freedoms. The resolution passed by the Board of County Commissioners reaffirms that.”

You can watch a video recording of the meeting from the County’s meeting video archive here.

The BCC is now on recess until September.

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