Naples City Council Election Results

Shortly after 7:30 PM on Election Day, Feb. 1, the Naples City Council election results had been fully tabulated and were posted on the Supervisor of Elections website,

In order of votes received, the winners in the nonpartisan election were newcomer Beth Petrunoff (23.8%), incumbent Vice Mayor Terry Hutchison (23.0%), and incumbent Ray Christman (21.4%).

For more about the candidates, see 2022 Naples City Council Elections, Sparker’s Soapbox, 12/29/21.

Voter turnout was was high — almost 40%, although lower than in the 202 city elections that shared the ballot with a presidential preference primary, as in 2020 (54%).

The majority of votes (47%) were cast by mail. About one-third were cast in person on Election Day, and 18% were cast in early voting.

The three winners will be sworn in on Feb. 16 at the Naples City Council meeting.
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