Guest Post: A Very Important Primary, by Julie Sprague

Julie Sprague is currently serving in her second term on the District School Board of Collier County, having been re-elected without a challenger in 2012. The following article appeared recently in the Collier County Education Association’s Pelican Post. It appears here with Ms. Sprague’s permission.

There is a very important Primary election coming on August 26th that could potentially determine three new School Board members serving our District for the next four years.

When I joined the Board in 2008, the School District had been placed on “Warning” status by the school accrediting organization SACS CASI for two consecutive years and was in jeopardy of losing its accreditation because of Board dysfunction. It was my goal when elected to bring some stability and respect back to the School Board. The present School Board members worked diligently to restore our accreditation to full status and renew the faith from our constituents. This election has the potential to either continue that trend or send us back to a previous time of dysfunction.

There are very clear distinctions between the candidates running for the Board and I ask that you study them carefully and vote for a candidate that clearly supports our traditional Public Schools. You can view how the candidates answered questions regarding our schools in the recent League of Women Voters Forum to help make your choice.

Please go out and exercise your right to vote in this Primary. Sitting idly by and hoping for the best is not an option. Any candidate that receives over 50% of the vote in their District is automatically elected in August. I greatly appreciate the support you gave me in my run for the School Board. I am asking you to give the same support to a current candidate who will understand your views and have the best interest of all of our Collier County students as their central focus. Your vote is a vote of confidence in the teachers and students of Collier County Public Schools.

Please stay tuned for my next researched post – about the two candidates for County Judge – coming soon!

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