Florida Politics News for June 2020

In Florida Politics for June 2020: DeSantis vetoes more than $1 billion before signing budget. Coronavirus cases rise after reopening. Court speeds up voting rights appeal.

Florida Politics News from Tallahassee


Reopening the State

The month began as Florida entered Phase 2 of reopening. By months end, Florida was one of the latest coronavirus epicenters.

Effects on Upcoming Elections

Coronavirus Testing

Can the Data be Trusted?

Unemployment and the State’s Still-Troubled System


2020 Legislative Session (conclusion)

Florida’s legislative session officially ended on March 19, but it’s not really over until the Governor signs the budget. He had said all along that he would wait as long as possible in order to assess the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the state’s sales tax collections and tourism revenue, as well as the unbudgeted costs of fighting the virus and how much federal CARES Act money the state would receive.

On June 29, the day before the deadline, DeSantis signed the budget. After $1 billion of line-item vetoes, it came in at $92.2 billion. It preserved his “number one priority” — teacher pay raises, as well as a state worker pay raise, a corrections pay increase and a pilot program to transition corrections officers from 12 hour workdays to 8.5 hours. It also retains $322 million for Everglades restoration, $50 million for springs and $40 million for alternative water supplies. The Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund also survived, although supplemented with CARES Act dollars to keep it fully funded.

While the budget-signing was the highlight of the month’s news about the Legislative Session, these articles describe some of the bills signed into law this month:

And in what 1000 Friends of Florida, a not-for-profit smart growth advocacy organization, counts as a victory:

Law, Justice & the Courts

Voter Registration for Former Felons

On June 11, a federal appellate court agreed to fast track the state’s appeal of a ruling that paved the way for hundreds of thousands of Florida felons to register and vote in the November elections. The Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals scheduled oral arguments in the case during the week of Aug. 10.

Voting & Elections

Other Law News

In the Aftermath of George Floyd

Other Noteworthy State News

Florida Politics News from Washington D.C.
Florida’s U.S. Senators are Marco Rubio and Rick Scott


Domestic Affairs

That’s it for Florida Politics News for June 2020! Stay safe, everyone!

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