Florida Government News for September 2020

Florida Government News September 2020

Coronavirus Update

Through October 3, the Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard reported 14,674 resident deaths and 174 non-resident deaths; 5.4 million people tested of whom 13.26 percent tested positive.

Effects on Workers

As of September 30, Florida had paid out $17.0 billion in unemployment claims to 2.0 million claimants, and 97.3 percent of eligible claimants had been paid, according to the state’s Reemployment Assistance Claims Dashboard. By comparison, as of August 28, Florida had paid out $14.6 billion to 1.9 million claimants, and 93 percent of eligible claimants had been paid.

While almost all of the claims backlog has been cleared, the system itself is still struggling. Just 47 percent of claims received were filed through the troubled unemployment system; 53 percent were filed through paper and a “mobile friendly site.”


Effects on the Economy

Effects on Schools

Effects on Nursing Homes, Prisons

Testing & Vaccines

News from Tallahassee

Voting Rights Restoration

M-CORES Toll Road Project

2020 Legislative Session

2021 Legislative Session

Executive Branch


Florida Supreme Court – Failed Nomination: Renatha Francis

Florida Supreme Court – Successful Nomination: Jamie Grosshans

Attorney General

Chief Financial Officer

Commissioner of Agriculture

Judicial Branch

Florida’s U.S. Senators are Marco Rubio and Rick Scott

News from Washington

That’s it for Florida Politics News for September 2020!

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