Collier County School Board Elections: District 5 Candidates

Collier County School Board District 5

Updated 7/21/22; 7/23/22

In this post, I share what I learned about the Collier County School Board candidates running in District 5: Arthur Boyer, Jackie Keay, Timothy Moshier, incumbent Roy Terry, and Ana Turino. For each, I summarize their education and work experience, campaign platform, and campaign contributions, as well as what they say they would look for in choosing the Collier County School District’s next superintendent. I also provide many opportunities for you to learn more.

If you are a Collier voter, you may vote in this election, regardless of where you live or your party affiliation. Election Day is August 23.

Primary Sources

Most of what I learned came from two School Board candidate forums and the candidates’ responses to my School Board candidate questionnaires. I encourage you to draw your own conclusions by watching and/or reading them yourself:

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Arthur Boyer


Arthur Boyer

Boyer, 52, moved to Southwest Florida in 1991 from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He worked as a farm laborer, janitor, and juvenile detention officer, then went on to earn a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a Master of Public Administration from Hodges University, and an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University.

He has been an educator for 18 years. According to his LinkedIn page, he taught English at CCPS (2004-2009) and was an Adjunct Professor of English as a Second Language (ESL) at Hodges University (2009-Jan. 2022). Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Boyer Multidisciplinary Consulting, an education, leadership, and life coaching firm.

During the pandemic, Boyer organized a free virtual tutoring program for elementary, middle, and high school students.

His community involvement has included Collier County Black Affairs Advisory Board and the Haitian-American Democratic Club of Lee County. He has also volunteered with Red Cross, World Vision, Florida Gulf Coast University, and local churches in Collier County.


Boyer says, “Collier County School Board has been a detrimental political club for way too long” and “More than 4 years of failing leadership is enough.”

His campaign platform consists of:

  • Equitable Education
  • Commitment to Special Education
  • Honoring and Valuing Teachers
  • Parental Rights, Engagement, and Involvement
  • Community Advocacy

Superintendent Search

Boyer said he would look for these qualities in the next District Superintendent: someone from Collier County; “with not only the book knowledge but the knowledge of the environment;” without a political agenda; “with transformational skills ready to serve, defend, and protect the best interests of students.” (NABOR Forum at 00:34:16)

Online Presence

Jackie Keay


Jackie Keay

Keay, 53, moved to Naples from the Bahamas as a young child. After graduating from Lely High School, she “joined the Army to escape poverty.” (Candidate questionnaire)

Stationed in Germany, she married and had four children, three of whom she homeschooled. After returning to the States, she earned a B.A. from the University of Alaska and a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Argosy University. She then returned to Germany and worked for almost 13 years as a personal financial manager and studied language. Upon returning to Naples in 2015, she taught at Mason Classical Academy for two years, and is now studying financial planning.

Keay wants to “unite the community and ensure our students have the education and skills needed to compete for jobs in the global world.”


According to her website, Keay wants to:

  • Increase academic success through building a positive and safe school environment
  • Decrease the achievement gap by getting to know and involving the parents, and hiring and retaining quality teachers
  • Reimagine a sustainable education system by recognizing that not every student is meant to go to college
  • Address housing affordability by focusing on teacher retention and adding workforce housing to the District’s legislative priorities

Superintendent Search

Keay said she would look for these qualities in the next District Superintendent: inclusive; innovative; has a vision for the community; seeks opportunities to transform education, especially as it relates to the trades; focused on graduating kids career-ready (NABOR Forum at 00:35:40)

Online Presence

Timothy Moshier


Timothy Moshier

Moshier is a graduate of Northwood University in Midland, Michigan, which he describes on his website as “a conservative free-enterprise college.” In 1994, he began a 27-year career with Ryder System, transferring from Ohio to Miami in 1997, where he worked in the transportation and logistics division until 2021.

The father of three and grandfather of four currently serves on the Ochopee Fire Board and the Town Compliance Board, and attends Everglades City Council and Special meetings.

According to his Facebook page, he is “a Son of the American Revolution” and is “pro life, pro police, conservative.” He stands against “CRT Critical Race Theory, Sexualization of our children, and Government Mandates over Parental Choice.”

Of his decision to run for School Board, Moshier says, “It all started with the mask mandate. I didn’t think we should be masking our children.” (NABOR Forum at 00:15:36)


Moshier’s platform is “to help develop a school system that teaches all children that achieving their goals will be backed by the Collier County School Board.”

He wants to address what he says is an out-of-balance ratio of non-teaching positions to teaching positions and the fact that “almost 40% of the students aren’t working on an at-level education.” (For background on this, click here.) And he says, “We need to get sexually explicit materials out of [the schools.]” (NABOR Forum at 00:15:36)

Superintendent Search

Moshier said he would look for these qualities in the next District Superintendent: someone who would “focus more on the almost 40% of the kids that are failing;” bring the community closer together; listen to what the parents have to say. (NABOR Forum at 00:36:39)

He also “would like to see the next superintendent be more like us, a faith-based person, has moral values, loves his country, with prayer and religion back in the school system. He also has some financial responsibility.” (CCC Forum, 01:00:46)

Online Presence

Roy Terry, Incumbent


Roy Terry

Terry, 80, has a B.S. from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) and a Master’s in Education from Colorado State University.

He has had a career in education, 44 years of which were in Collier County. He came to in Naples in 1978 as a teacher and coach at Naples High School, and subsequently served as athletic director, assistant principal, and principal. During that time, he supervised and designed Lely High School’s athletic field renovation and helped to plan, design, and supervise construction of Palmetto Ridge High School.

He was appointed by then-Gov. Charlie Crist to fill a vacancy on the School Board in 2010. After completing that term, he ran for election and is now seeking a third term.

Terry’s community involvement has included helping to plan, design, and supervise the construction of Cornerstone United Methodist Church, where he is now a member; Chairman of the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast; President of Naples Babe Ruth Baseball; Founder and President of Collier County Coaches Association; President of the Rotary Club of Immokalee; member of the Foundation for a Drug Free Generation; and committee member for the Naples Hospice Larry Bird Golf Tournament. He has served on the board of the YMCA of Collier County, Collier County Education Foundation, South Florida Center for Educational Leadership, and as the District 6 Representative to the Florida School Boards Association.


Terry’s vision is “To provide a quality education for ALL students in Collier County so they can be successful In today’s ever changing world.”

Superintendent Search

Terry said he would look for these qualities in the next District Superintendent: works well with others; is trustworthy; knows the Florida law; is organized; works well with the community (NABOR Forum at 00:38:28); is morally sound (CCC Forum at 00:54:08)

Online Presence

Ana Turino


Ana Turino

Turino, 48, studied education at Nova Southeastern University, and in 2007, began her career in education in Miami-Dade County. She moved to Southwest Florida from Miami in 2014.

She is a mother of six, five of whom attended a public school in Collier County.

Now an academic mentor, Turino works with children who are in foster care and attend six of the 17 schools in Collier County District 5. She is also the liaison between parents, caregivers, and teachers in forming educational plans to help her students get back on track and be promoted to the next grade level.

Turino goes to pro-choice clinics and prays with her women’s group. She will also “tell my students if you want to pray, I will pray with you.” (CCC Forum at 00:45:49)

With respect to school safety, she thinks the District should consider allowing teachers with concealed carry permits to carry guns in schools to “protect our kids.” (NABOR Forum at 00:48:40)


According to her website, if elected, Turino will:

  • be the voice and protector of parent rights,
  • champion initiatives to keep property taxes from increasing by making sure every penny in the budget is spent efficiently,
  • protect our students by keeping inappropriate materials, media, and CRT out of our schools.

Superintendent Search

Turino would like the next District Superintendent to be “someone that has had a position in the school system and knows the ins and outs of every single position in the schools.” (NABOR Forum at 00:37:27)

The next Superintendent should also be someone who “believes in American exceptionalism, respects our Constitution, is brought up in a faith home, respects God, wants to bring back prayer into our schools, and is bilingual. (CCC Forum at 00:57:32)

Online Presence

Campaign Contributions

Here are the monetary contributions and expenditures reported by each candidate according to their most recent campaign treasurer’s reports:

Collier County School Board District 5 Money

For details, download files at the above “Campaign Contribution” links.

I reviewed all the campaign contribution reports online on Jul. 11, 2022. Of interest:

  • Boyer received a $1,000 contribution from Your Injury Law Group, Boca Raton, FL. As of the most recent filing, his campaign is running in the red.
  • Keay received a $1,000 contribution from Naples philanthropist Patti Baker, and personally loaned her campaign $600.
  • Moshier provided the vast majority of his contributions in the form of personal loans totaling $61,500. He also received $1,000 each from Collier County Republican Party Chair Frank Schwerin and local business owner and Collier County Republican Party State Committeeman Alfie Oakes. In addition, he received contributions from BCC District 2 candidate Chris Hall, BCC District 4 candidate Dan Kowal, BCC District 4 “Write-In” candidate William Oppenheimer, District 3 School Board candidate Kelly Lichter, and Florida Citizens Alliance CEO and cofounder Keith Flaugh.
  • Terry received a $1,000 contribution from the Collier TIGER PAC. He also received contributions from former CCPS School Board members Barbara Berry and Kathleen Curatolo.
  • Turino personally contributed $250 to her campaign. In addition, her campaign received a loan of $200 from Academic Mentoring of Southwest Florida, a company of which Turino is the Registered Agent. According to, the company has an Inactive/Unavailable (INACT/UA) status because it failed to file its annual report with the State of Florida.

Final Thoughts

Each of the five candidates has different skills, abilities, work and life experience, values, and views of the role of government.

If a candidate receives more than 50 percent of the votes cast, she/he will be the winner. If not, the top two vote getters will face off in the general election in November.

I urge all Collier voters to register and vote in this important election. If you have questions about any of the candidates, I urge you to contact them directly. If you have questions or need additional information about the election itself, visit the Collier County Supervisor of Elections website or call 239-252-8683.

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