Collier County Commissioners to vote on anti-Common Core resolution this week

The Agenda for Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting is out, and at the recommendation of Commissioner Tom Henning, an anti-Common Core resolution is on it:

Agenda Item 10.C.: Recommendation to adopt a Resolution petitioning the District School Board of Collier County, the Florida Legislature, and Governor Rick Scott to reclaim Florida’s educational sovereignty and return control of educational standards, curriculum, and student assessments to the local county school districts.

This Anti-Common Core Resolution did not originate with Commissioner Henning. It’s being sponsored by the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, which includes the Libertarian Party of Collier County. According to the Coalition’s website, it also includes the Southwest Florida Citizens Alliance, Florida Eagle Forum, the Collier Tea Party, the Tea Party Network, and more.

Last June, I wrote a two-part post titled “Common Core: An Issue for the School Board Elections?” I concluded that “candidates’ views about Common Core, as well as about charter schools, school vouchers, and the use of technology in the classroom, are relevant because a School Board is a bully pulpit from which to lobby and pressure the Governor and Legislature. The more School Boards that share the anti-Common Core view, the stronger the pressure they can put on the Legislature for change.”

The same can be said for City Councils and County Commissions. And now we’re seeing once again that elections have consequences.

In view of recent developments, I am re-posting that two-part post again today. In Part 1, I looked at three questions: what is Common Core, who developed the Common Core standards, and when and how did Florida get involved. In Part 2, I looked at the concerns being expressed about Common Core, and asked if the concerns are valid. I hope you will read and share both posts.

County Commissioners, elected in partisan elections, have no role to play in setting the legislative priorities for our School Board. I urge you to contact all five Collier County Commissioners TODAY, because the vote will be tomorrow, and tell them to vote NO on the anti-Common Core Resolution.

Commissioner Donna Fiala – – (239) 252–8601
Commissioner Georgia Hiller – – (239) 252–8602
Commissioner Tom Henning – – (239) 252–8605
Commissioner Penny Taylor – – (239) 252–8603
Commissioner Tim Nance – – (239) 252–8604

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