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Marco Island City Council Elections

Marco Island City Council

Erik C. Brechnitz, Christine Dowell, Greg Folley, Darrin Palumbo, and Nanette Arlene Rivera are running for three seats on the Marco Island City Council. The election is nonpartisan and the top three vote-getters will win.

How I Will Vote in the Nonpartisan Races

How I Will Vote in the Nonpartisan Races

Recently, after a great deal of thought, I decided that after publishing my research on the nonpartisan races and issues, I would share how I plan to vote on them.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

2022 Florida Constitution Amendments

Three proposed amendments to Florida’s Constitution are on the ballot for all Florida voters in November. Approval by at least sixty percent of the votes cast is required for a measure to pass.

Merit Retention of Florida Judges

Florida Merit Retention

This year, Florida voters will decide if five Florida Supreme Court justices and 28 judges serving in the state’s five District Courts of Appeal should be re-elected to another six-year term in office.

Collier Mosquito Control District

Collier Mosquito Control District

Incumbent Commissioner Sandra Lee Buxton and Ed Brandt, pastor at Lely Presbyterian Church, face “ghost candidates” with seemingly no interest in winning or serving in office for two seats on the CMCD Board.

Collier County School Board Elections

Collier County School Board Elections

In the Collier County School Board elections, all Collier voters will choose in District 1, Jerry Rutherford or Jory Westberry; in District 3, Kelly Lichter or Jen Mitchell; and in District 5, Timothy Moshier or Roy Terry.

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