Your Elected Officials

Your Elected Officials

The Collier County Supervisor of Elections website provides one-stop access to contact information for all your elected officials, from the President of the United States at the federal level to the members of your local elective bodies based on the precinct you live in.

Access the information at

Enter, where requested, your last name, your birth date, and the house number of your residence address, then click “Submit.”

A web page like the one below will open. In the middle of the light-blue box toward the top of the page, below your Name, FL Voter Reg. System ID, Registration Dates, Street Address, Precinct and link to Precinct Statistics, click “Office Holders:”

your voter registration and sample ballot information

A web page like the one below will open. It will list the elected officials whose districts include your street address, beginning with the President of the United States:

the office holders that represent you

Click the name of any office holder to be taken to her/his web page.