Whitehead: “America emerging as a Third World county”

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Naples Daily News on November 6, 2008 under the caption “We can only hope …’ —

Editor, Daily News:

Well, you got what you asked for. The Daily News endorsed Barack Obama and you got him!

As for me — and many others — I see a disaster in the works. I must say that I do identify with the pre-election thoughts of Michelle Obama. For the first time in my life, I am truly ashamed of my country.

The America I see emerging under the Obama regime is a Third World country. Obama and the Democrats will transform us from lead-dog status to that of road kill.

While we can only hope that he will be only a one-term disaster, the next four years do not hold much promise for prosperity or security.

Obama as a candidate for the presidency avoided wearing a flag and shunned the national anthem. Under his presidency, I would encourage all real Americans to do the same.

We can only hope that his four years will be over before he has a chance to completely destroy this country.

Joe Whitehead, Naples

Yes – the same Joe Whitehead who is running for School Board from District 5.
The same Joe Whitehead who was endorsed by the Naples Daily News.

What a terrible example this letter sets for the children of this community. The thought of the writer of this letter sitting on our School Board is appalling.

I had already decided to vote for Roy Terry, Whitehead’s opponent in District 5. I’ve met Terry on several occasions, and observed him in School Board meetings. (He was appointed by Governor Crist to finish the term of Richard Calabrese, who resigned from the Board at the end of last year.) I’ve been impressed.

Still – this letter by Whitehead is relevant to our decision-making. I thought you should be aware of it.

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