We couldn’t do it without them..

Like you, I’ve been drowning in OFA fundraising emails lately. 

But this one yesterday got to me:  

Your response right now determines how strong our campaign will be in these final 38 days.  

It determines how many organizers we can hire to get out the vote, how many ads we can run with our message, and how many field offices we can open.  

Thirty-eight days to go — this is our one shot. 

It got to me because I KNOW how important our grassroots organizing efforts are. 

Every day I am simply amazed by the dedication, hard work and good humor of our North Naples East Field Organizer Hannah Murphy, who took a semester off from American University to help reelect President Obama — without even knowing if she’d be paid. 

I’ve come to know and admire Stefanie Sass, Field Organizer for South Coast/Downtown; Charlie Saling, Field Organizer for the River District in Fort Myers; Michael King, an early Naples Field Organizer now in Bonita Springs; David Figa, a former OFA Fellow here in Naples, now a Field Organizer at Florida International University; Steve Jackson, a Regional Field Director who – having built a great team in Naples, was reassigned to Florida’s critical East Coast; and so many more terrific, engaged, dedicated, hard-working young campaign staffers.  

Yes, if Florida goes for Obama, it will because we volunteers registered voters, knocked on doors and made calls to get out the vote. But we wouldn’t have been able to do any of those things without the OFA field organizers, regional field directors, state field team, and the resources (phones, paper, computer systems, training videos/webinars, etc.) paid for by the campaign. 

So I am directly asking for your support.   

Please show your appreciation for Hannah, Stef, Matt, Edward, Michael, Austin, Steve, Erik, Meaghan, and all the other staffers OFA has sent to us in Naples.

Contribute whatever you can to the Obama campaign – and if possible, do it right now by through my Personal Fundraising Page (click here).

Come on – let’s win this!!

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