A reminder: why I’ll remain a registered Republican for now

A reader wrote yesterday:
Shall we remain Republicans for the rest of the year?
Or shall we change back sometime sooner?  If so, when?
After responding to the email, I thought I’d post my response.  See also my post of February 5th “Not changing my registration just yet.”
I will remain a registered Republican so I can vote in the Republican primary elections on August 14, 2012.  There will be several races that only registered Republicans can vote in.
For example:
  • There are several Republicans running to face off against Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate – most notably Connie Mack and George LeMieux.  While I will of course vote for Nelson in the general election in November, I want to influence who the Republican candidate will be.
  • There are several Republicans running for the House of Representatives seat currently held by Connie Mack.  Since this seat has traditionally been held by a Republican, I want to have input in the choice.
  • Tom Henning, who serves as Collier County’s Commissioner for District 3 where I live, has one challenger so far.  Since the Republican candidate will no doubt win that primary, I want to have a vote in who that will be.
  • The same is true for incumbent State Representative Matt Hudson’s District 80 seat in the Florida Legislature.
So I plan to leave my party affiliation as Republican. 

Any Florida voter wishing to vote in the Republican primary on August 14 must be registered as a Republican by July 16.  To change your party affiliation, complete a new voter registration form by clicking here

As to when I’ll change back — I’m not sure I will.  As long as the Republican party dominates in my community, I will want to have input into the candidates it chooses to run against its Democratic opponent.  Since I am free to vote for whomever I want in the general election – regardless of which party I’m registered in – I may just decide it’s easier to stay registered as a Republican than to change my voter registration back and forth before and after each election. 

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