Have you expressed your outrage?

It’s almost certain the Super Committee will not come up with a plan to achieve the minimum $1.2 trillion in savings by tonight’s de facto deadline.  Every one I talk to is disgusted.  I sure am.
This morning I realized: I haven’t written my senators and congressmen lately to tell them.  If they aren’t hearing from us, for sure they’ll just vote their party’s line.  (They may do so anyway, but we can’t control that – at least in the short run.)
So this is the email I sent to Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio and Congressman Connie Mack this morning:
Topic: Budget
Subject: I urge you to compromise
Governing is the art of compromise, and Washington, D.C., is failing.  As your constituent, and as an American voter, I urge you to compromise on an agreement to avoid the automatic spending cuts and – more importantly – to avoid worldwide ridicule. 
You can contact your Congressman and your two U.S. Senators from this one link: http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml.  

Please – take a minute and express your outrage.

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