Don’t vote yet!

Friends have been asking if it’s okay to vote yet. They’re getting antsy and anxious. They see the latest polls on Florida’s U.S. Senate seat, and they think it’s all over. Maybe. Maybe not. Anything can happen. The polls can be wrong.  Remember “Dewey Beats Truman”??

On the morning after the 1948 presidential election, the Chicago Daily Tribune’s headline read “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.” That’s what the Republicans, the polls, the newspapers, the political writers, and even many Democrats had expected. But in the largest political upset in U.S. history, Harry S. Truman surprised everyone when he, and not Thomas E. Dewey, won the 1948 election for President of the United States.

In the two most recent polls reported by, Crist is pulling votes away from Meek, while Rubio is holding fairly steady. Rubio, at 42%, is about 10 points ahead of Crist. Meek is polling at 18%. That leaves 8% undecided.

If just over half of those who say they’re going to vote for Meek or are undecided actually vote for Crist, Crist would beat Rubio. It’s all going to be about turnout, and what people hear in the last couple of days to sway their decision.

So I say – sit tight. There’s still time.

Here’s a summary of my voting recommendations that you can print and take with you to the polls.

U.S. Senator: Charlie Crist (NPA) or Kendrick Meek (DEM)
Representative in Congress: District 14: James Lloyd Roach (DEM)
Representative in Congress: District 25: Joe Garcia (DEM)

Governor and Lieutenant Governor: Alex Sink and Rod Smith (DEM)
Attorney General: Dan Gelber (DEM)
Chief Financial Officer: Loranne Ausley (DEM)
Commissioner of Agriculture: Scott Maddox (DEM)

State Representative: District 101: Larry Wilcoxon (NPA)
State Representative: District 112: Sandra Ruiz (DEM)

Nonpartisan – Retention of Justices of the Supreme Court
Canady – NO
Labarga – YES
Perry – YES
Polston – NO

Nonpartisan – District Courts of Appeal
Crenshaw – YES
Kelly – YES
Khouzam – YES
Morris – YES
Northcutt – YES
Villanti – YES
Wallace – YES

Nonpartisan – School Board
District 1 – Pat Carroll
District 3 – Kathy Ryan
District 5 – Roy Terry

Nonpartisan – Independent Districts
Soil & Water Conservation Group 4: Laurie L. Mitchell
Mosquito Control District Seat 2: Robert D. Geroy

Proposed Constitutional Amendments
No. 1 – Repeal of Public Campaign Financing Requirement: NO
No. 2 – Homestead Ad Valorem Tax Credit for Deployed Military Personnel: NO
No. 4 – Referenda Required for Adoption and Amendment of Local Government Comprehensive Land Use Plans – NO
No. 5 – Standards for Legislature to Follow in Legislative Redistricting – YES
No. 6 – Standards for Legislature to Follow in Congressional Redistricting – YES
No. 8 – Revision of the Class Size Requirements for Public Schools – YES

Nonbinding Statewide Advisory Referendum
Balancing the Federal Budget a Nonbinding Referendum Calling for an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – NO

Straw Ballot Questions
Straw Ballot Referendum Election on Consolidation of the Unincorporated Fire Districts – YES

To find early voting locations or your Election Day voting location, or to get answers to any voting-related questions, go to or the Collier County Supervisor of Elections website.

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