Did your mail ballot arrive?

My absentee/mail ballot arrived Saturday. If you requested one but didn’t receive it yet, it’s time to track it down.

In Collier County, go to the Supervisor of Elections’ website www.colliervotes.com and click on “Am I Registered?” On the next screen, enter your last name, date of birth and house number. This will bring up your voter registration record. Scroll down to the section called “Future Elections” and click on “Show My Absentee/Mail Ballot Information.” It will tell you if you’ve requested a mail ballot, and what date it was mailed.

If it says yours was mailed last Tuesday (as mine was) and you haven’t received it yet, don’t assume that the mail was just delayed. Call the Supervisor’s Office at 239-252-8450 and ask them to send out another one. Better yet, ask if you can go pick it up. It’s important that you stay on top of this.

If it doesn’t show that you requested one, it’s not too late. Click here. You have until October 31 – but why wait?

If we are successful at getting every one of our supporters to actually VOTE, we will WIN in Florida – and FOUR MORE YEARS!

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