Insight into the President’s thinking on Libya

I've been capitvated by the back-and-forth about President Obama's decisions with respect to Libya.  Unlike most of my friends, I'm not sure that our military involvement is the right - or the wrong- thing to do.  For now, I"m still in listening mode.As such, I found "First Thoughts: Searching for Clarity" from NBC's Chuck Todd, Domenico Montanaro, Ali … Continue reading Insight into the President’s thinking on Libya

Poll Shows Budget-Cuts Dilemma

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll came out Thursday.  The Journal reports:"Poll Shows Budget-Cuts Dilemma; Many Deem Big Cuts to Entitlements 'Unacceptable,' but Retirement and Means Testing Draw Support"From the Journal article:In the poll, Americans across all age groups and ideologies said by large margins that it was "unacceptable'' to make significant cuts in entitlement programs in … Continue reading Poll Shows Budget-Cuts Dilemma


My post yesterday titled "Absolute power" contained a statement sourced from the Florida League of Women Voters' Capitol Report that requires clarification. The Capitol Report said:"Republicans have enough votes in both chambers to pass constitutional amendments by a 3/5ths vote and to override a veto by the Governor with a 2/3rds vote."In fact, while the … Continue reading Clarification…

Absolute power

Folks often talk about the risks of having both chambers of Congress as well as the presidency held by the same political party. Of course when your party is the one in power, you think its great ... but when its not, you realize what’s wrong with it.Today I saw the light. Of course I … Continue reading Absolute power