Have you considered my “unorthodox suggestion?”

Several of my readers have told me they changed their party affiliation to Republican after reading my "unorthodox suggestion" last week.  That's terrific!For those who missed it, I hope you'll take a look and consider it.If you live in Florida, you must act by Tuesday, January 3rd, to vote as a Republican in Florida's presidential … Continue reading Have you considered my “unorthodox suggestion?”

Liberal gloom

Just about everyone I know who voted for Obama is disappointed with him.  He should have held out for a bigger stimulus package.  He shouldn’t have bailed out the banks.  He’s going too easy on Wall Street.  He should have supported Simpson-Bowles.  He hasn’t done enough for the environment.  He should never have taken on health … Continue reading Liberal gloom

Will you be allowed to vote on Election Day?

Earlier this year, my state passed new, tougher election laws, largely along party lines.  The Republican-controlled Legislature said they were needed to prevent voter fraud and reduce costs.  Democrats said they were meant to make it even harder for the poor, the elderly, the disabled, students and others to vote.  Whatever the reason, it WILL … Continue reading Will you be allowed to vote on Election Day?

Drew Westen and Obama’s Passion

 Drew Westen Drew Westen’s “What Happened to Obama’s Passion” (New York Times 8/6/11) has been sent to me by more friends and readers than any other I can remember.  It clearly struck a chord with many who are feeling disappointed and disillusioned with President Obama’s leadership.  To me, Westen is “the-glass-is-half-empty” incarnate.  (See my … Continue reading Drew Westen and Obama’s Passion