191 days and counting: time to get informed

I am almost overwhelmed by how much is at stake in the 2012 elections, at every level of government that touches my life: local (county commission, constitutional officers, school board, county judges and fire district board seats), state (Florida House and Senate), and national (U.S. House and Senate; President). 
In Florida, in addition to electing people to represent us, we’ll be voting on at least 11 amendments to the state constitution.  And the people we elect to the State Legislature and the U.S. Congress will be making appointments to state and federal courts – most importantly the U.S. Supreme Court – that will shape our lives for decades to come.
As citizens of the greatest democracy on the planet, we have a responsibility to inform ourselves about the candidates and the issues, and to make informed decisions when we cast our ballots. 
We Florida voters have two elections to prepare for: a primary election on August 14th, and the general election on November 6th.
I will be following the candidates and studying the issues over the 191 days to Election Day.  I’ll be posting articles I find informative on this blog, adding commentary when I have something more to say.  I hope by sharing the work I’m doing to inform myself, I can help others be more informed voters, too.
As always, I’ll look forward to my readers’ comments, questions and suggestions.
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